Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Emigi  by Sinfive

Right size
Increasing vaginal tone
Color options
Retrial cord

Roughened texture

This one is actually usable.  Some of the vaginal balls or ben wa balls are too large to be effective, you are actually stuffing it in and there is no work to keeping the balls in.   When the balls are smaller and heavier you have to work to retain them. The Emigi  is the right size and it’s weight is great for beginners and experienced alike.

You use ben wa walls and vaginal exercisers to increase your vaginal tone by working out the pc muscle.  This is the same action of the Kegel exercisers.  When you add in the substance (the balls) and the weight you get a more effective workout with better results.

You work out your pc muscles to help increase vaginal tone just because you want to, after having a baby, and it helps to decrease the incidence of leaking urine.  Especially if you are someone who leaks urine when coughing and sneezing.  Some women do report that they are able to have sexual pleasure from wearing the balls, I really cannot speak to this since I myself have not experienced it.  I can say that I have experienced some cramping type of sensations if I wear them longer than about 2 hours.  You can achieve results in toning from wearing these for 30minutes or so every day.

The emigi is made from WTP, which is a thermoplastic.  Actually many children’s toys are made from this material.  It is non porous, hypo allergenic.  It is latex and phthalates free.  It is safe to use for toys that can be used both anally and vaginally.  The emigi it self is not for anal use, it could go missing.

The emigi is 2 ½ inches long in an hourglass shape.  It has a diameter of 1 ¼ inch and a circumference of  3 ¾ inches.  It has a retrieval cord of 4 inches.  The cord is approximately 1/8th inch in diameter.  The retrieval cord is firmly attached and it is actually comfortable. It is flexible and soft not a poky type of cord.  I would say that the cord is actually even a bit long and you could cut it if you wanted to shorten it.  The emigi only comes in the one size and comes in several color combinations.

It side of the emigi is a weight that rattles around when you use it.  This rattling causes the wearer to use their muscles to keep it in place.  Which in turn makes you increase your muscle tone.  The emigi does have the area where the two colors come together and this is very solid with no chance of it collecting secretions in this seam.  The seam is not noticeable with wear.

The WTP thermoplastic is easily cleanable with antibacterial soaps and water or your toy sprays.  This one could melt if boiled and I wouldn’t place in the dishwasher for fear of ruining the finish of the toy.   The emigi is smooth but the finish on the toy is not soft it seems like it is somewhat “roughened up”.  This does help when trying to hold it in.  With the WTP plastic you can use any type of lubes except for oils.  I prefer using water based lubes.

Since it is plastic there is no special storage requirement for the emigi.  I do wear mine out in public and I take a plastic baggy with me incase I need to remove it before I return home.  It fits quite nicely in a snack sized baggy.

The emigi comes in a cardboard box that shows the product through a plastic window.  Nothing special about packaging.

I love to use the vaginal exercisers and I can definitely tell a difference since using them.  I have had a decrease in urine leakage and I have even had a case of bronchitis with no problems.  I would suggest that every female use vaginal exercisers from young women who have never had any children to older women also.   In the medical community older women are actually given prescriptions for  devices which are no different than the exercisers we see on out sex toy sites.  They are just a whole lot cheaper when purchased from toy stores.

Another great benefit to toning your vaginal walls is increased sexual pleasure and increases in your orgasms. I too have seen an increase in this in my situation as well.

I would rate these a 3 out of 5.  They aren't the best that I have used but they are a great size for use.

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