Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sinful Sunday

I just thought that this looked yummy!!!

Unfortunately, it's too young for me to play with.
(It is 21 and one of my son's friends.)

Come see who else is being sinful with me!

Sinful Sunday


Molly said...

I believe the rule is half your age plus seven... but then you know what they say about rules!


Marie Rebelle said...

He does have a yummy body, but I guess since he's your son's friend it's better to stay away ;)

Rebel xox

Anonymous said...

He's my age!! May I please steal him from you for a while? Pretty Please with sugar on top? *bats eyelashes at you*

Either way, he is a hunk and you are lucky to have him in your presence!!

xxx Miss July xxx

Blacksilk said...

No such thing as too young or too old as long as it's still legal! People shouldn't care about age gaps, at least for a bit of fun anyway.

Unknown said...

That does look really yummy! ;)

Unknown said...

I agree, yummy!! I do like to admire, even if I can't touch :)

~Kazi xxx

Nymphomaniac Ness said...

I don't really believe in the whole age gap thing. I've had partners who were younger as well as double my age. As long as it's legal, it's ok =)

Anonymous said...

Feel free to send him my way ;)

Penny said...

Did he know you were taking the photo lol? And yes, yum :)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see more! :)


Yes, THAT Tonya said...

Oh my, that *is* quite the tasty morsel! You are a much stronger-willed woman than I!

Unknown said...

Oh My! I hope he is happy having his photo oggled by such a diverse group of people. *waves to cute boy*

Half your age plus seven was always a great rule, until I realized how old they had to be these days! Besides, I never lived up to it in the reverse direction.

You could always ask your son's permission ;)