Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vaca from That Position

 VACA Dildo By BS is Nice

Oh my, this one is nice!  It is a squishy wonder.  It is velvety soft with a cool look, and squishy feel to it.  I have to be honest, I like  textures in dildo's, I really, really like textures but, that is only when I am using the dildo on myself.  When I am the receiver of a dildo in a harness the texture is a little too much for me.  I like the smooth with harness use.

I have tried several smooth dildo's when using a harness and the BS is nice is the winner.  It has just the right amount of give to it and it doesn't hurt when receiving the thrusting actions.  The Vaca has moved to the top of my favorites list!

*** The Vaca dildo was given to me by ThatPosition by that in exchange for an honest review, in accordance with the FTC's guidelines.***

There are lots  of  Pro's:
Velvety Silicone
O ring compatible
Cool Designs

There are no Con's that I can think of.

The BS is Nice Vaca Dildo in large is what I chose when given an option.  I chose well.  The Vaca works great in an O ring for use as a strap on.   It works wonderfully in the Deuce that my husband wears.  It can be used on both boys and girls.  The curve and blunt end works great for both P-Spot and G-Spot stimulation.

The silicone is smooth, velvety and silky soft.  There are no textures.  There is no smell or taste to the Vaca.  It is completely white with a few black cow spots on it.   The spots are actually that as the spots on a Holstein cow, which is a dairy producing cow.  Hey Grandpa had a few of those on his farm and I actually know how to milk them. Another person mentioned that the spots also look like the spots on a dalmatian dog.  The Silicone is hypoallergenic, it is non porous, latex and phthalates free.  It is safe to use it both anally and vaginally and can be shared between partners  as long as you properly sterilize it between uses.

The silicone is flexible and squishy, it has quite a bit of give to it.  I have been dragging it around the house for the past two weeks and I turn it every which way and squeeze it and love it.  I have been taking all kinds of pictures with it.  It does collect a bit of lint and hair despite that it is not the tacky type of silicone.  The husband mentioned that he too loves the look of it and he liked the fact that the base has some give to it and  doesn't cause discomfort when he thrusts with it in the Deuce.  Even though it is soft and squishy is is firm enough to provide for g-spot stimulation with it's blunt head, it is not too firm as to cause discomfort.

The Vaca Large is a total of 8 inches (20cm) long with 7 1/4  inches (19cm)being insertable. It's base is 3/4  inches (1  1/2 cm) thick and  3  inches (9cm)across.  I did have issues with it fitting very tightly into one of my harnesses ( Le Butch) as the snaps didn't want to hold the dildo and the O ring.  So I grabbed the Deuce and it also worked in my pink minx. The diameter at the tip portion is 1  1/2   inches and at the base it is  2  inches.  Be sure to have O rings large enough to accomidate it. (My measurements are approximates.)

The Vaca cleans up nicely with antibacterial soaps and water, toy sprays or wipes.  You can throw it in a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes, or throw it in the dishwasher.  You can also wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution.  It is easy to store in the packaging that it comes in or you can place it in a baggy for protection.  Be sure not to store it next to toys that are made from other materials as it can damage the finish and I would be worried about another color bleeding on to my Vaca.

Use only water based lubes with the BS is nice dildo's as silicone lube can damage the finish on the dildo.
The packaging is minimal, It is like a heavy clear plastic baggie that is resealable.  I could see coffee beans coming in this type of package.  It is really quite nice for storage because it is see through and you can tell which toy is in which bag.  There is product information as well as information about BS is nice. The dildo's are made in Madrid and the instruction sheet that is included states to keep your dildo away from things that can scratch your dildo.  If properly cared for your dildo should last you for years.  You receive a sample of  yes lube with your dildo.

The BS is nice dildo's come in a variety of sizes and styles.
 They have the neatest look to them.  Check them out at  ThatPosition .

The Vaca Large fit very nicely into my Liberator Wing and in my Heeldo.  I was also able to use it with just my hands.  I really do like it and I need to try the Medium sized one.   I have been eyeing the other styles and now I have to figure out which one I want next!

 Thanks again  ThatPosition for sponsoring my review, It is greatly appreciated.


Lori Ques said...

oh my gosh, I love it! you pics are amazing! How did you do that?

GrittyWoman said...

That is a gorgeous toy. I like the sound of it too, I do love softer, squishy dildos. Great review.

Airen Wolf said...

I've never been a soft dildo kinda gal but I am thinking you might be changing my mind! This one looks amazing. I love the colors. :)

Ryan Boyles said...

Does this toy have some cons? Your review was great, thanks a lot for sharing!

-Ryan @ sex toys in the Philippines