Thursday, April 4, 2013

Shakin Panda

The Shaking Panda

This one is fun, it is definitely a novelty and I got it for it's looks.  Yes, I fell prey to the "cute" factor, which is quite funny because I am not one of the "cutesy" type of people.  The Panda is available at Vibrator Kingdom.

I like panda's and this fits in the with others that I have.  This panda is a massager that has the ability to walk across the table to greet you.  When the vibrations are going the panda will "dance". The Panda is only for external stimulation.  You can use it on your nipples, on your clitoris and all of your erogenous zones or on the zones of your lover. It is great for your back massages with the pressure from it's legs.

The panda is made of plastic which is non porous, hypoallergenic, latex and phthalates free.  It has no tastes or smells.  The panda is completely smooth with no textures.  I wouldn't count his slightly raised nose or ears as textures.

The Panda  fits nicely in the palm of your hand.  His body is  3 inches across, 3 inches wide,  and  is  2  1/4 inches thick .  With his head, The Panda  stands 4 inches tall.  Each of his legs are 1 inch long.  The Head portion is 1  1/4 inches thick and 2  1/4 inches across.  His ears and his tail stand out approximately 1/4 of an inch. (All measurements are approximates).

The Panda's head pops off, ok, it screws off  to reveal the battery compartment.  The Panda runs on 2 AA batteries.   The Panda is not waterproofed so he cannot get wet.  The Panda's controls are located in his tail.  The tail twists on with a click and then you increase the vibrations by turning it counter clockwise.  There are no incremental stops in the vibrations just on from low to high. The Panda's motor is located in the belly area.  When it is running the Panda will "dance" and move around on it's legs.

 At his highest setting I would say that the panda has a vibration of level of 2 or maybe 3.  He is buzzy and not rumbly.  The Panda is only a teasing type of toy.  He does have some noise,  I would say that there is a possibility of hearing it through closed doors, but not if it is under the covers and you have a closed door.

I just wipe my panda off with a washcloth with some antibacterial soap and water on it.   You can use your toy wipes also.  The Panda is really discreet, it doesn't look anything like a sex toy and I have just set him out on my desk and on my night stand.  Heck you can even show people how he "dances" and I bet they would never figure it out.

The Panda comes in a black and white box with pictures of the Panda on it.  There is product information on the box.  The only thing on the box that would give it away as a sex toy is the statement, "Discreet Design".

He is a great novelty but he really isn't for total sexual enjoyment. The Panda  may work for beginners or persons with sensitive clitoris's.  I would still suggest it for your collection of "cute" stuff and I am sure that I would pick it up again.

The Shaking Panda is available at Vibrator Kingdom.  The neatest  toy store with the greatest web site.

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