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Lelo Siri Versus Je Joue Mimi

Mimi by Je Joue  VS  Siri  by Lelo

They are both for clitoral stimulation and other external stimulation. They both work wonderfully for back massages and working out the knots.  They work on both males and female erogenous zones.  They both have their pro's and con's.  This is just my opinion of how they both work for me and my thoughts.

The Mimi by Je Joue  3 inches long and 2 inches wide and  ¾ of an inch thick. Mimi resembles a river rock or massage stone.  On the bottom portion of the toy is the  + / ~ / -  buttons.  The plus and minus buttons are raised but the middle ~ button is level with the base  and has to be depressed to change the  vibe patterns.  Press the + button to turn on and to increase the intensity of the vibrations,   press the - button to turn down the vibrations and to turn it  off. The ~ button in the middle is to change the vibration patterns.

The Siri is an oval shape with the silicone and plastic being at a diagonal cut.  It is only  4  1/2 inches long and  2  1/4   inches wide.   It is  1  1/2  inches thick. It does fit perfectly in the palm of my hand and when it is turned upside down so that the controls face downward the shape fits perfectly to my external female parts.  You can use both the silicone end and the plastic end for stimulation.

There are  4 buttons on the Siri, a + button, a - button, an up button and a down button.  To turn it on you push the + button. There really isn't a number for the vibrations.  It seems to just ramp up from a low to a high.  Pressing the up or down button will change the vibration patterns constant, long pulsations, short pulsations, a fast roller coaster, a slower roller coaster, and a chaotic mix of pulses and  vibrations.  Pressing the - button down for several seconds will turn the vibrator off.  The Siri's vibrations rate about a 4 out of 5 on the highest setting.

Neither the Siri  or the Mimi have  a memory, each time you turn it off you restart at the lowest setting.  Mimi always gets complaints about the buttons that they are hard to push and hard to change settings.  Siri has buttons that can get hit inadvertently while in use.

Mimi has a total of  5 vibration  settings from weak to strong and the strongest vibration level is about a 4 out of 5.   Mimi has 5 different patterns. Long pulse, Short pulse, Roller coaster, Fast steady Pulsing, and even faster Pulsing. Mimi is rechargeable with a magnetized charging connection that attaches to the button area.  The magnetized charging is so strong that you can suspend the Mimi by the cord and it will stay connects.
Mimi is completely waterproof and submergeable.  You can take this one to the bath with you.  The motor of the Mimi is centered towards the curved top portion of the toy and the vibrations carry throughout the entire toy.  Siri is not even splash proof, you cannot get this one wet in the control area or the charging port.  The motor on the Siri is also located towards the tip area with the vibrations carrying throughout the entire toy.

While both Mimi and Siri have a similar palm sized shape the Mimi works better for clitoral stimulation with intercourse.  Mimi is flatter and fits better between partners.  Siri, with it's curves  fits better if you want to tuck it in your panties or harness.

Both Mimi and Siri have non porous, hypoallergenic, phthalates and latex free silicone.  Both are actually plastic that is covered in the velvety soft silicone.  Honestly it is hard to tell the silicone apart on them, they both glide across your skin and feel good.

Siri is silicone and plastic and has the seam to contend with when cleaning the toy.

Now I have been told that my Mimi is defective because it has noise when it is turned on.  You can barely hear it over the covers but you can definitely tell that it is on.  Siri is dang near whisper quiet.  Only on the highest setting can a person sitting next to you hear that it is on.

It really comes down to what you are looking for.  A shape that is comfortable with intercourse or more solo play.  Buttons that you can inadvertently hit, or ones that can give you a fit.  So you want that toy to be fully waterproofed or do you mind if you have to be very careful?  Does the combination of the plastic with the seam  or full silicone sound better to you?

The Vibrations are essentially the same and they are both rechargeable.  The price point is very similar also. You can read the full Siri Review

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bluekaren said...

So which one did you actually like better? I liked the Mimi more. I thought it was much more powerful.