Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beginner's Bit Gag

Beginner's Bit Gag  By Pipedreams

***The beginner's Bit Gag was provided to me free of charge from Uberkinky  in exchange for an honest review, this is in accordance to the FTC's guidelines****


Adjustable straps
Beginner Friendly
East to clean


Won't hold up to heavy play
Inexpensive non sturdy materials
Vinyl straps "give" after time
Can cause jaw discomfort

The Beginner's Bit gag really is for beginners.  It is a simple design with inexpensive materials that doesn't cost much to try.  Experienced users of Bit gag's and BDSM play would be very disappointed in this one.  For beginner's it is great to give you a "feel" for bit gags and how they would work for you.  You can use this for pony type of play or for beginner your adventures into BDSM and gagging.

The Beginner's bit gag is made of PVC plastic for the gag mouth piece and it is able to be bitten into and it leave marks in the plastic.  The PVC is non porous, hypoallergenic and can be sanitized between users.  The metal rings hold the vinyl straps to the PVC.  It is not stated anywhere if the metal is nickle free.  The vinyl straps are vegan friendly.  The straps are made in a way that you can make more holes in the vinyl to adjust the sizes for the wearer. The  rivets  and the buckle are make of an inexpensive metal. There are no smells to this gag and straps and there are no tastes associated with it.

The PVC plastic portion of the gag is approximately 5 inches long.  It has a diameter of  3/4 inch. The straps are 1/2 inch wide.   The strap that contains the holes is  14 inches long.  The strap with the buckle is 7  3/4 inches long.  The buckle is 1 inch by 3/4 inch wide.  There are 4 holes in the strap for adjustments.  The holes are placed approximately 1  1/4 inches apart.

None of the pre set holes worked for our sizing and we had to make new holes to get the bit to fit properly.  The vinyl was very easy to make new holes in.  The vinyl is actually very thin and it is double layered.  It was already starting to separate when the product arrived before we even tried the gag on.  The metal rings that hold the vinyl straps to the PVC are flexible and they move freely through the pre drilled holes in the PVC.  The straps move freely along the metal rings so that you can determine your perfect fit easily.

The straps are long enough to be able to accommodate many sizes of heads and you they are long enough to be worn across the upper back portion of the head or around the lower portion of the head as per the wearer's preference.  The vinyl straps do start to give with wear.  They also tend to slide around on the hair making so that you have to readjust frequently.

The Bit also comes with a free blindfold that is very basic.

The PVC plastic may also cause some discomfort in the jaw and with the teeth as it has no "give" to it.
The PVC plastic is easy to clean with antibacterial soaps and water as well as the straps.  I wouldn't soak the straps in water or cleaning material as I don't see the straps holding up very well.  It would be better to clean them with a wet wash cloth.  Also the inexpensive metal may corrode if you don't dry it all the way.
The Bit can be stored in a drawer, a baggy or in the box that it comes in.  The box is not discreet with a picture of a woman wearing the bit and there is product information on the box.

The Beginner's Bit  Gag is named appropriately because this really won't last and wouldn't work for hard core play.  It is made from flimsy inexpensive materials that won't last for a long time period.   I am able to swallow and speak with the gag in and there is some drooling with it after wearing it for extended periods of time.

You can find it here  Fetish Fantasy Beginners Bit Gag

You can find this and other beginner to experienced BDSM toys at Uberkinky

Thanks to Uber Kinky for supplying the Bit to me for review.  You can purchase it here.

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Li'l Mz Knitz Alot said...

looks like fun, something i am already into, but if ur sayin its kinda on the flimsy side its certainly NOT for me... i have broken real cops cuffs... lol. i need something a tad sterdier... i was thinking about actually getting real horse bits... do they work?