Friday, April 19, 2013

G-Vibe from Fun Toys

The G-Vibe   by Fun Toys

The G vibe is a wonderfully soft, silky silicone vibe.  Yes, lets be honest, it looks funny because it is not the normal shape of vibes.  I have found that this shape is very stimulating and satisfying for me.

***The G-vibe was provided to me free of charge from Fun Toys in exchange for an honest review, this is in accordance with the FTC's guidelines.***

It works for solo play and couples play.  It is great for erogenous zones on both males and females.  It can be used on a man's scrotum, and on  the base of the penis.  With  the shape and handle  it is  able to be used anally as well as vaginal after proper sterilization of course.  It works on everyone's nipples.  For females it can be used as a rabbit style vibe, a clitoral vibe, all of the vibe inserted to stimulate the back of the vaginal wall, It works on your g-spot.  You can use it for perineal stimulation and it can be used on all during intercourse.  

Soft, silky silicone
Dual Motors
Easy to hold on to handle
Splash proof
Different levels of vibrations and patterns
Great packaging and storage pouch

Vibrations not that strong
Buttons easy to hit inadvertently
Seam where plastic meets silicone

The silicone of the G-vibe is unbelievably soft and satiny.  It is better than some of the high end brand name silicone toys.  It is smooth without textures and  glides across your skin with no drag and it really doesn't collect any lint or hair.  This one I could really sit and rub it on my face it is so smooth.  There is no tastes or smells associated with the silicone.  It is Medical grade,  non porous, hypoallergenic, latex and phthalates free.  The  G-vibe comes in purple. rose and pink.

The G-vibe has full flexibility to the "arms"  they can be bent fully backwards and in any direction.  You don't have to work hard to make it bend.  The arms are quite squishy and they have give to them.  The squishiness lasts into the shaft portion where it becomes firm right above the area where the arms come together.  The handle portion is firm allowing you to move the arms in the directions and positions that you would like it to be  stimulating.

The G-vibe has a ABS plastic band where the shaft and the handle portion meet.  When you clean the toy you need to pay special attention to this area as it can collect sections.  The inner band of the handle is the same ABS plastic which is non porous, latex and phthalates free.  It too is sterilizeable.

The G-vibe has a total length of  9 1/4  inches, with 6  inches being insertable.  Each of the arms have a diameter of 1 1/4  inches.  The arms together have a diameter of 2  1/2   inches and the shaft up to the plastic band has a diameter of  2 inches.   The handle portion is 1 3/4  inches across  and 3 inches long,with the center hole being  1 1/2 inches across.

The G-vibe is rechargeable and it charges by USB port in your computer or laptop.  It takes  approximately 8 hours for it's initial charge, it should last for 4 hours on it's highest setting.  The charging cable has a total length of 48  inches.    The charging port is located at the end of the handle and it has a cover that is attached and slips over the port for use.

 The buttons are located on the handle, when it is charging the buttons flash light and when it is fully charged the light is solid.  There are 3 control buttons.  The + button, -  button, and a squiggy line button.  The + button turns the toy on and increases the levels of vibrations, there are actually 10 levels of vibrations.  The - button decreases the level of vibration and if you hold the - button it will turn the toy off.   These buttons are easy to hit when you using the toy and they will cycle through the vibrations and patterns very easily.
There is no memory  to this toy, you have to back it all the way down to turn it off and start at the lowest setting when you turn it on.  The lights on the buttons do not light up when you use the toy.  The squiggly line button controls the patterns.  The patterns are diagrammed below.

There are two motors in the G-vibe and the motors are located in each of the arms. The vibrations are the strongest at the motor sites, but they do carry throughout the entire toy. The motors are not independent, they both are at the same levels all of the time.  The G-vibe is very quiet and cannot be heard over the covers even at the highest setting.  The vibrations are more towards the rumbly side but they aren't fully rumbly.  They rate a 3 out of 5 on the highest vibration setting.   The vibrations are not as strong as I would prefer them to be.  A power queen will be disappointed in this one.

The G-vibe is easy to clean, you can use your antibacterial soaps and water, toy sprays or wipes.  You can wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution.  You cannot boil this one or place it in your dishwasher as it will ruin the motor.  You can only use water based lubes with this one  because silicone lubes can damage the finish on the silicone toys.   I actually store my G-vibe in a storage pouch that is included with the toy.  You can also store it in it's packaging or in a plastic baggy.

The packaging is great!  It comes in a box with a sketched picture flower picture on the front and in the inside of the box too.  The flower and the picture in the inside resemble artists renditions of female anatomy.  The toy is nestled in a velvety feeling foam that lifts with a ribbon to reveal the storage pouch, charging cable, and instructions.  I am a sucker for storage bags and classy packaging.

I love the feel of this one, I love the shape and the size. I love the squishiness and the flexibility of the arms.  I like to have it fully inserted and get the stimulation on the back of my vaginal wall, the posterior wall stimulation works wonderfully for me, but the vibrations aren't strong enough for my g-spot or my clitoris.  It works great for my husband with the scrotal stimulation.

Thanks to Fun Toys for sponsoring the review.


barkergirl33 said...

I want to try this, it is very odd looking at 1st, but so is my Eroscillator-that looks like it should be in an old Sci-Fi movie but I have fun with it. Definately a toy I'm going to keep in mind-it'd go great in my strange mix of toys. ~Raine~

Julie-Anne said...

Thanks for the well written and informative review. It's great to see new products from new companies making an appearance.

I've added a link to it on my G-Vibe page as I'm sure prospective buyers will find it really useful.

Interesting point about the power of the vibrations not being that strong - will be interesting to see what others make of it.