Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cici by Ladygasm

CiCi by  Ladygasm

This vibrator is nice with it's clitoral attachment, the clitoral attachment has little nubs on it that increase the stimulation and they do move with the vibrations when held at a lighter pressure.  It can stimulate your G-spot as well as your clitoris simultaneously.  You could use this one anally as it has the clitoral attachment and that would stop it from going missing and the silicone is safe to be sterilized.

This is actually my second vibrator that has the nubs on the clitoral arm and I have to say that I do really enjoy them and they add to stimulation for me.  The vibrations do seem to decrease with heavy pressure on the clitoral arm.  This vibe has the projectiles on the base that enable it to be stood up.  This is the first vibrator that I have had that has this feature.

The Cici is completely smooth and it has a soft silky feel to it.  The shaft portion of the vibrator is completely flexible and bends easily.  The clitoral arm too has a great amount of flexibility to it.  The curve to the end of the vibrator has a curve to it that cups the g-spot.

Cici  is made from silicone and ABS Plastic.  The plastic portion is the controls and battery cap area in black.   The silicone is a soft, silky feeling silicone that does collect a small amount of lint but not a lint magnet.   It has no drag.  The plastic is matte with the same soft  feel of the silicone.  The plastic and silicone are both hypoallergenic, non porous, latex and phthalates free.  There is no tastes and no smells to the toy.

The Cici has a total length of  7 inches and of those, 2  3/4   inches are insertable.  It has a greatest girth of 1  inch.  The clitoral arm sits 1  1/4  inches off of the shaft and has a diameter of   approximately 1/2 inch.  The clitoral nubs sit on the very end of the clitoral arm.  There are  7 nubs that sit up approximately 1/8th of an inch.

The Cici runs on 2 AAA batteries.  The end cap screws off to reveal a waterproof O ring.  It is not marketed a s waterproof but it is splash proof.  There are 2 control buttons that are contained on the black plastic end portion.  The button closest to the end turns the vibrator on and off.   The top button controls the patterns.  There is no memory to the toy and when you turn it off and then on again you start back at the first setting.
The Cici has 2 motors that can function independently of each other.  One motor is in the clitoral arm and the other is located in the end of the vibe in the  g spot area.  The Cici is really quiet and cannot be heard over the covers when you have it on it's highest setting.

First pattern is  constant vibrations in the shaft, 2nd is vibrations both in the shaft and in the clitoral arm.  3rd is a vibration only in the clitoral arm, 4th is both areas pulsating at a slow speed .  Next  is a pulse on and off faster in both areas.   Then there  is a chaotic mix of pulses in both areas and  the last pattern is  a higher level of vibrations in both areas.

The vibrations on the highest setting seem to be about a 2 out of 5 on the vibration scale. It would be best for someone with a sensitive clitoris.  The vibrations sit right on the edge between rumbly and buzzy. It really could be interpreted either way.  The nubs on the clitoral arm really do add to the stimulation.  As I mentioned earlier the vibrations do tend to decrease with pressure.

It is best to only use water based lubes with the Cici as silicone lubes can cause the finish to be compromised over time.  I honestly didn't need to use much lube when using this toy.  It cleans up easily with antibacterial soaps and water, toy spray or toy wipes.  You can also wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution.  I store my Cici in the box that it came in but you can also throw it in your sock drawer or keep it in a plastic baggy.  Be sure to not store you silicone toys with toys that are made of other materials because they too can ruin the finish on the toys.

The Cici has a great packaging.  It comes in a burgundy box that the lid states Ladygasm on the cover.  It is somewhat discreet.  The lid lifts off to reveal the toy nestled into a cut out that fits the toy.  The cut out is coated in a velvety type of finish.  The velvety finish does shed some lint onto the toy but only a minimal amount.  The Cici doesn't come with any instructions so you just play with it to figure it out.
The Cici does feel good but it is a little small for my taste and I feel that the vibrations are somewhat weak.  It may be best for beginners because size queens would be disappointed.

The Cici is only available at Ladygasm.


 You can view the product page here.


Beck said...

I'm glad you got the controls to work better than I did. Great review.

Sucktacular said...

Oh my, I absolutely love the form of this piece! The more "modern" looking vibes are so sexy. ;)
And that little tickler gets me going just thinking about how it'd feel. Thanks for the great review! Definitely helpful for when I get a job and some cash to spend~.