Tuesday, April 30, 2013

$50 For You Giveaway!

May is Masturbation Month

It's all about You!
I would bet that most of us don't 
do anything for ourselves.

This is to be used for something special for YOU!
Not for bills or as a gift for anyone.

Your choice any store or take pay pal deposit.

Can be used for Toys, clothes, books anything

Open World Wide

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ok I now realize that my links on the Rafflecopter do suck!!!  Here they are:

Bad Dragon Slide Show

Save the Cucumbers! May is Masturbation Month

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Enjoy my Blog!
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Pretty Boy Toy Box said...

What would I get for myself? Wow, probably some frozen yogurt and a new pair of shorts to be honest. The heat over here is killing me and that would make my day.

Dez said...

I would more than likely take the $50 and use it to pay down some of my debt.