Friday, November 2, 2012

Soft Cuffs

The Soft Cuffs by Sportsheets


Non intimidating
Color Options
Will fit a wide range of sizes


Not going to last for years
Faux fur pills

These cuffs are for the beginners!  They are actually really strong considering that they are held together with Velcro.  They are non intimidating and actually quite comfortable.


They are made from a nylon faux fur  and they have Velcro closures.  The faux fur doesn’t have any stitching on the edges and they don’t unravel or have any construction issues.  They did shed a little lint when they were new.  There are a few pills starting on the fur after many usages.

The Velcro is sewn into place down the center of the cuff, and where there is no Velcro there is a heavy bonded webbing that holds the key ring type of attachments.  One of the cuffs has a locking slide type of hook attachment.  It is similar to the ones that attach on dog leashes.  Please refer to the picture because I don’t know what it is called.


The cuffs are 10 inches long, the Velcro coming off of the cuff is 5 ½ inches long.  The softer portion of the Velcro is what the overhang consists of.  I have 6 ½ inch wrists and the cuffs fit me very well, My husband has an 8 inch wrist and they work on him too.  So you can adjust for multiple and larger sizes.  These do fit on to my ankles which are 9 inches around.

The key ring type of attachments sits right in the middle at 5 inches.  The cuffs have the sport sheet logo sewn into the Velcro area.  The cuffs come in multiple colors,  The red that I have, black, light pink and hot pink.

The cuffs can be attached together with the slide hook or connect them to tethers and to other type of restraint devices.

These clean up with a wet washcloth, there is no care instructions included but do to the metal attachments, they would need to be removed prior to placing in a washing machine.  I wouldn’t suggest washing and drying them.

These are quite sturdy but I wouldn’t consider them for any hard play.  If you work them enough they will come loose especially after months of play.  These are great basic cuffs for beginners.

They come from Sportsheets in an envelope type of box with product information on the box and pictures of the other colors.

Overall these are a sturdy pair of cuffs,  Great for beginners, they are comfortable and fit a wide range of users.  I am glad that I can use them on my ankles.

I would rate these a 3 out of 5.

product picture
$12.99Soft cuffs
Wrist cuffs by Sportsheets
Material: Faux fur / Nylon

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