Sunday, November 4, 2012


EGO E3  by Jopen

It’s soft, velvety, satiny and squishy!  This is the best cock ring that I have seen yet.  I cannot rave on about it enough.  It’s motor rumbles and the shell shape of it is perfect for hitting the right spots!  I have used this  with my husband and with some of my glass toys, it even makes your wood ones rumble too!!

Jopen does not disappoint.  It is rechargeable, but it comes with a USB charger.  I love their vibes all of them, and now we have  couples toys too!  It has the right to have an ego.


Soft and Velvety
Band is flexible


None that I have found

The ring works on all sorts of toys and makes them jump and rumble.  The ring also works on the husband and fit’s a variety of sizes.  The husband has worn it both only on the shaft and has tucked it up under his balls.  He likes it under his balls the best and states that the vibrations do carry through the silicone band.  It’s not too tight, just right.

It is made from the nicest silky, soft, squishy type of silicone.  You know when you have used some of the cock rings or clit vibe with intercourse and when it hits your clit and it smacks it hard or when it slams into your pubic bone?  This doesn’t happen with the EGO E3. It does have a firm core but is surrounded by the squishy silicone.

The silicone has the highest safety rating.  It is hypoallergenic, non porous.  It is latex and phthalates free. It can be shared with partner after proper cleaning. The shell has no tastes and no smells.  It does collect quite a bit of lint and hair.  It didn’t seem to pull what is left of my husbands pubic hairs.  Only use water based lubes so that the finish doesn’t get compromised.  When they say that the EGO E3 is virtually seamless it really is.  It’s almost unnoticeable.  It comes in the bright blue color.

The ring as I said is squishy and soft it has a “give” to it so it melds to you body, especially when things heat up.  The ring portion is flexible and will stretch easily.  It is quite thick and carries the vibrations well. There were no issue when removing the ring.  The  EGO E3 ring also doesn’t slide around with use, it stays put.

 The silicone itself has no texture but the shell indentations help with stimulation.  The shell shape of the ring hit’s the female receiver quite nicely the inner most largest portion hit’s the clitoris and the seams of the shell also excite the surrounding area.  It feels good with thrusting but also with a rolling or grinding type of motion.

The Ego E3 ring is  1 1/2 inches in diameter in the inside of the ring  when it is unstretched.   Stretched it will go to 6 inches in circumference.   The shell portion of the ring is  2 ½  inches  across by   1 ½  inches tall.  It is   approximately 5/8th  of an inch at it’s thickest.  The band at it’s thickest point is   ½  of an inch.  At it’s thinnest point on the bottom of the ring it is ¼ of an inch.

The motor is contained in the middle portion of the shell.  It goes from a low setting to a mind blowing strong setting.  If you set it on the counter when it is on it’s highest setting it will jump around.   To turn it on you push the top portion of the shell.  It glows blue when it is on.  If you press and hold the top portion is will go though levels to get to the highest.  If you press the button once when it is on it turns off.    So there is no way of telling how many actual levels of vibration there are.  It is very quiet, as I sit and turn it on as I am writing this review the other’s in the room cannot tell that it is on.  It cannot be heard over the covers.  It does have a locking mechanism. Just press and hold for 3 to 5 seconds and unlock it in the same manner.

The Ego recharges with a USB port into your computer and it takes approximately 3 hours for it’s first charge. It has a lithium ion battery that will last for years. It has lasted more than  two hours on the initial charge.  When it is charging it lights up on the top portion where the control button is located.   I do have an adaptor that will allow for a USB to be plugged into a wall outlet and this does work with the EGO.

The charging port is located on the end and the cord slips into it’s waterproof seal easily.  It is waterproof so you can take this one to the shower.

To clean the EGO E3 you can use anti bacterial soap and water or your toy sprays.  Do not boil or place in the dishwasher as it can damage the motor.  You can wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution.  It’s indentations with the shell shape doesn’t cause any issues with cleaning.  It is waterproof but I wouldn’t suggest soaking it in any cleaning solutions.  I only use water based lubes with my precious toys as it has been said that it can ruin the finish on the toys.

I have only placed the ring on the night stand and in it’s box that it came with.  I am very disappointed in Jopen for not including a storage bag.  This is a higher end toy and a high end company.  But, no storage bag.  I have other bags that I can slip it into for long term storage.  I store my silicone and other toys away from each other as they could hurt the finish on the toys.  I would say that this one is travel friendly it does have a locking mechanism in it but it is small enough that you could just put it in your pocket or purse.

The Ego E3 comes in a grey textured box with  Ego Logo on it.  The toy and the charger along with an informational pamphlet are nestled into a foam cutout.  The inner foam slides into the box.

 The pamphlet states

The Jopen Ego comes with a one year warranty and  you can purchase a 10 year extended warranty.

I seriously am so impressed I give the EGO 3 the top score whether you want to rate it a 10 out of 10 or a 5 out of 5.  I would suggest for beginners to experienced users!


K said...

Sold! I think I'll be picking up one of these.

Unknown said...

Never was a fan of cock rings, the ones I tried were always breaking apart too quickly and the vibe would never be quite enough for the lady to fully enjoy. This might be that breakthrough product to change it for us.