Sunday, November 18, 2012


The Fling  by Nob Essence

Light weight
Color options


Every one seems to be concerned about the use of “Wood” sex toys.  It doesn’t splinter and it is coated in a special coating called Luberosity.  On the Nob essence web site, it is explained how they have specially sealed the wood so that no moisture can get into the wood and cause splinters.  Now if you drop it you can cause breaks in the sealant and then moisture can get in and cause issues.  It would be more likely to swell from the moisture and not cause splintering of the wood.

  The wood grain is unique to each piece so everyone of them is different in look but there may be some slight variances in shape.  There is no color additives or dyes added to the wood.  The dildo’s are hand carved.   It is moisture proof , hypoallergenic, scent free, water resistant, chemical and bacterial resistant, Phthalates free and latex free.   It comes in a multitude of colors.  I have a burgundy color and the wood is actually padauk.  The wood does absorb your body heat and warms with use.  It is completely water proof so you can take it to the shower.  There is no smell and no taste to this dildo.

This dildo is so incredibly light as far as weight goes, only 3 ounces.  For someone who has used steel or glass toys you would be so surprised by the lack of weight.
There are no textures, the fling is completely smooth and silky feeling.  The wood is from  exotic hardwoods.   Nob essence has their own tropical  American Tree farm where they grow their own trees for use to make the toys.

The Fling is  7 ½ inches total length, 4 ½ inches insertable.  It’s largest diameter is 1 ¾ inches and it’s smallest diameter  is  ¾ inch.  It is so incredibly light only  3 ounces.  For those who enjoy longer pleasurable sessions it does not make your hands tired or arms.The fling is ergonomically correct and has the hole in the handle for two fingers to be inserted into it so that it does not  bother those with arthritis, carpal tunnel,weakened arms or wrists.   The finger opening is 2 inches across.

  It can be used with any type of lube, water based, oils, silicones and hybrids.  The dildo does become slippery with lube so not much is needed. It can be cleaned with any soaps and waters, a 10% bleach solution, or toy sprays.  I didn’t find any info about boiling or dishwasher safe so don’t try it.  I want to keep this toy nice for as long as possible.

The packaging is quite simple but seems elegant.    The box opens on the top with a magnetized flap, brown and blue in color.  The dildo rests on a bed of padding.  You receive an insert about the company and it does come with a warranty.  I do like their packaging.

The Fling can be used for anal or vaginal penetration.  It works for G-spot stimulation as well as prostate stimulation.  It’s bulbous head can suit many with shallow to deep g- spots.

I would suggest this wood piece to all, men or women.  From beginners to experienced.. I found that when using it my hands and arms didn’t hurt.  It brought about orgasms galore!! It is actually my first wood dildo and  I am so very pleased and will definitely be purchasing more of their products.

I would definitely rate this one a 10.

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