Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Under the Skirt

It's Me the Naughty Nurse!
I actually wore these to a meeting under my skirt.  It's ok though because it was a nurse meeting!

So, the Wild women,  I wear sexy lingerie under my scrubs, and doesn't everyone's bathroom counter contain make up, hair appliances,  toy chargers and toys drying??

Yes there is a sink under there, It pisses the hubby off that I use his.

Don't tell any body my counter looks that bad!!



Molly said...

I love the stockings and I love the thought of you in your nurses uniform with those hot sexy legs underneath.


Anonymous said...

You are a naughty nurse and all nurses should be more like you. You must have felt so sexy wearing those at work, you legs are super sexy!

Marie Rebelle said...

Oh I love the stockings and love it even more that you wore them to a meeting!

How I wish that I could just leave my toys out to dry like that, but with kids around that is just not possible.

Nice post!

Rebel xox

Penny said...

What a sexy, naughty nurse ;)

Jack and Jill said...

You make a very sexy vision! And your bathroom counter looks much like our own!

Unknown said...

My counter looks like that on occasion (I'll keep your secret)...a toy-drying rack might not be a bad investment. I love leaving them out after Mr. LL has left for work and then letting him find them when he gets home, wondering what the hell I did with all of them while he was out.

Mia said...

Those stockings are fabulous!! The fact you wore them to a meeting even more so!!!

So what if there are bits everywhere, they are your bits and pieces and you love them!!!!

~Mia~ xx

Blacksilk said...

I love the stockings and you have some great toys there! Particularly love the sight of the Jollies toy :)

Anonymous said...

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