Thursday, November 29, 2012


The Lick by Rocks Off LTD


Soft, pliable silicone
Carries Vibrations well
Easy  to Clean
You can use multiple bullets with outer sleeve


Bullet not strong enough for power queens

The lick is made from a soft flexible tongue shaped silicone.  It comes with the RO 80 Bullet included with  the included dreaded N type battery.  The tongue portion is basically a bullet sleeve and yes, it is able to handle other bullet such as the tango and the salsa.

The Lick is a soft, slightly sticky silicone that collects huge amounts of lint and hair.  That really isn’t bad considering it is soft and pliable and boy, what it can do.  The silicone has no taste and no smell to it.  It is thinner in the flexible tip area and it warms up to your body very nicely and “licks” wonderfully.  The Lick is completely smooth with no textures, it has one area that is slightly depressed in the center of the tongue area but that doesn’t seem to add or take away from the experience of using the toy.  It comes in both red and  black.

 The silicone is of the safest materials for sex toys, being latex and phthalates free.  It is hypoallergenic and non porous.  The vibrations carry through the silicone very nicely.   It works especially great when you heat up the silicone sleeve in a cup of hot water.  It becomes warm and pliable and the vibrations are even more intensified.

The lick has a total length of   4 ¾ inches, at it’s widest it is 1 ¼ inch thick.  At the tip area it is 1/8th of an inch across and 1/8th inch thick it then tapers back.  It is tongue shaped.

The sleeve inside is 3 inches long and has a diameter of ½ inch.  The salsa and the tango easily slip into the tongue with the use of a small amount of lube that assists with getting the bullet out.

The bullet that comes with the lick, is the RO 80.  It is 3 inches long and has a 5/8th  inch diameter.  The bullet is smooth and made from plastic.  It is high the safety rating scale.  It is non porous, hypoallergenic.  Latex and phthalates free.  It is completely smooth with a raised logo area.  It has an on and off function.  The vibrations are actually pretty strong and quiet.  The bullet is waterproof with an O ring present.  It runs on one N type battery that is included with the toy.

 This little bullet is quiet powerful and when mixed with the silicone tongue,  It really does rock!  The bullet’s vibrations are strongest t the tip and then they transmit to the tip of the lick wonderfully.  The bullet is so quite that it cannot be heard over the covers and I would say it rates a vroom level of 3 not over the top but great with teasing and stimulation.  The bullet used alone can make your hand go tingly, but not when used with the silicone portion.  The bullet is controlled by one button on the end of it.  It only has an on and off function with the one vibration setting.

Water based lubes are the best to be used with the silicone toys so that the silicone’s won’t meld or ruin the finish on the toy.  I also store my silicone toys away from other toys weather they be silicone or other materials so that none of the finishes on the toys get’s compromised.

The Lick silicone portion can be cleaned with antibacterial soaps and water, toy sprays, you can boil it or place it on the top shelf of your dishwasher.  The bullet portion cannot be heated, so antibacterial soap and water or your toy sprays to clean it up.

The Toys from Rocks off all come in a nice box made for the toy with  a flip top lid and they are presented nicely.  They are ready for gift giving.

I use the lick my self for solo play but I have also used it in couples play with my husband. It works great on the clitoris as well as your whole external female and anal areas.  I tend to like larger toys for vaginal use but the lick can go there too.  I would not suggest this one for internal anal play as it definitely would go missing.  When the lick is warmed up it brings a whole new dimension to this toy and I love to have it “licking” my “taint” area between my anus and vagina.  I would suggest that experience for everyone!!!

I would rate this one a 4 out of 5.  I really like it, it gives great sensations. I actually like it better when I use it with my salsa.  It’s bullet is really good but not great.  I am happy with this purchase and would do it again.  This one is great for beginners and experienced toy players alike.


Angel said...

Oh how can something call the Lick not have strong vibrations? Still a 4 out of 5 is not bad.

Pretty Boy Toy Box said...

I think I played with one of these at a local store and, yeah, I wasn't too impressed by the power either but I like a lot.