Friday, November 16, 2012

Yoga Swing From PipeDreams

Yoga Swing  Fetish Fantasy  Series by Pipedream

where is the body sling?
None that I have found
You do get a free mask

Poor materials
Poor construction
Not for out of shape older people

This swing can be purchased at

What a huge disappointment!  It may be ok if you are 20 and very flexible and 90 pounds, but it’s materials that it is made from is so poor that I really don’t think that I would trust this one.  In theory a great idea and product if it were made from quality materials.  I would call this sticks and rubber bands!!

There are pieces of cardboard like material, they feel just like cardboard and move like cardboard, but they are encased in the fabric so I don’t know for sure.  This is in the area that is for leg support.  The hand grips are actually a foam that is used for pipe insulation and they have tears on the ends straight from the box.  It is as if they weren’t cut properly.

The eye bolt that goes into the ceiling beams is present and it is solid with welding present to increase the strength.  A carabineer then connects two springs to the eye bolt and attaches to a black metal bar that you can use to hold onto when getting in and out of the swing and when you are using the swing. The springs are 5 inches long. You can’t hold on to the springs as they expand and you run the risk of catching your fingers in them and then loosing your fingers.

The black metal bar has rings welded into place on each end and a carabineer then attaches all of the fabric to that metal bar.  The metal bar is 16 inches long  So your entire weight is supported  on each side by one carabineer.

From the carabineer each side has a fabric piece that is 5 foot long.  One end is the cardboard leg support area.  The other end holds a second piece of fabric that is 48 inches long with the foam hand grasps at each end.

These fabric pieces are not adjustable at all.  These pieces are on each side of the sling that holds your main body.  So you have a total of 4 foam pieces and 2 cardboard pieces.  I don’t understand why you would have 4 hand pieces and 2 leg pieces.  Since they don’t adjust and the fabric just slides through the carabineer if you don’t have your hands on each of the foam pieces there is nothing to counteract the leg piece so it slides out of control.  The foam pieces are 6 inches long and 5 inches around.  The cardboard piece is 8 inches by 8 inches square.

The main body sling is 32 inches long and 13 inches wide.  It has padding on each of the ends with one end having 2 inches of padding and the other side having 2 ½ inches.  The padding in places is not solid and there are areas where there is no padding present.

The sling is attached to the same carabineer that holds those arm and leg pieces.  The fabric that holds the sling hangs down  16 inches from the black ring to the start of the fabric opening for the sling.

The fabric is not soft at all it is very scratchy.  It is a polyester type of sweatshirt material.  It can be spot cleaned with cold water.  You could take the fabric off of the carabineer and throw it in the wash.  There is no washing instructions included in the packaging.  I wouldn’t trust washing the foam or the cardboard areas.

The box shows a man and woman using the swing but when I look at the pictures there is no way they could be doing the positions shown since the extra pieces would be hanging someplace when she has her hands  gasping the handles and both legs in the leg area.  You do get a free mask with the swing.

I waited weeks and watched the sales to purchase this one.  I was so excited. Then it got here and the moment that I took it from the box the disappointment grew with each of the pieces and parts that I looked at.  I cannot believe the full price for this swing and I would not suggest purchasing it.

As for an in shape 21 year old who weighs 120lbs my son says that it is “crap” and he wouldn’t use it or trust it.  The packaging actually states that it can hold up to 300 lbs.  I would be really scared.
It is hard to even rate this a 1 out of any number.
product picture
Swing by Pipedream
Material: Metal / Polyester


K said...

Ugh, thanks for the warning! I'll stay away from this one.

Unknown said...

I've been looking at this thing for a while. I am so glad I found this review first.

Unknown said...

I had always questioned whether this would be worth the buy. Sounds very uncomfortable and not too trustworthy to hold the weight. Guess I have to save up for a more expensive but better built swing.