Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Wicked Wednesday

He may not be young anymore but I do love my husband's lips and stache.  He has always worn a mustache with only a few times in the last 16 years have I seen him without one. He will definitely be keeping it. 

His lips feel wonderful gliding over my body with the extra added tickle.  I would suggest for all the girls to experience the mustache at least a couple of times. This nurses promises to make sure that his prostate is checked frequently.  One of his other extra benefits of being married to a nurse.

Shhh...  This is my favorite ride.


Travelnurse Toybox


Dee said...

As a facial-hair fan of long standing, let me just say YUM!

xx Dee

Unknown said...

Most excellent!!
And kudos from a fellow nurse for keeping your man healthy :)

~Kazi xxx

Molly said...

My ex had facial hair and I hated it... it was so rough it was like a wire wool on my lips. It has rather turned me off to facial hair.


Marie Rebelle said...

Definitely a very yummy stache! My Husband has one too, as well as a beard and I just love the feel of it :)

Rebel xox

Anonymous said...

My beau more often than not has soft stubble, I love it!

His very own nurse, isn't he a lucky man :)

Pea ~x~

Anonymous said...

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