Monday, November 19, 2012

Lux 1 Prostate Stimulator

The Lux 1 Male Stimulator

Retains Heat
Easy to Clean

Too Firm
Plastic feel

The lux is a very firm prostate toy.  There is no give to this toy.  I have to admit to you that I bought this for my husband but, I Love it.  It really didn’t do much for me vaginally, but as an anal toy I definitely enjoyed it.  This may be for a more advanced prostate toy user as the firmness really became an issue.

The prostate stimulator has just the right curves to hit my man’s prostate and help to bring forth an erection after just a few soft, gentle in and out motions.  He enjoys wearing it with intercourse and he has played with it a few times by himself.  He is not able to have that ultimate orgasm with no other stimulation that is spoken about.   He is still working on the use of the Kegal muscles to move the toy in and out.  The lux is not a large toy and is non intimidating.

  I as a female, enjoy using it anally with vibrators and for intercourse as a type of double penetration.  This one is very firm so it gives a different type of sensation than the softer flexible ones.  It does warm up and retain heat with use.  It is really not to be used as a plug as it doesn’t feel good if you sit with it in.  You could wear it for a longer period of time if you aren’t going to sit down.

It is made of silicone which is non porous, hypo allergenic, latex and phthalates free.  I have no problem sharing this toy after properly cleaning.  It is firm.  It has no tastes and no smells from the box.  It doesn’t collect any lint or hair as it has a type of matte finish. It is silicone, but it has a hard plastic type of feel.  The lux is seamless.  The lux only has a good amount of drag but since you will be using with it that really isn’t an issue.

The lux is a total of  6 inches long  including the handle. It is 4 ¼ inches insertable.  It is a total of  2 ¾ inches wide when you measure the ball perineum to the handle.  It’s largest diameter is at it’s middle curve which is 1  inch. It has 2 bulges  present.  The first bulge  is located on the tip of the toy and is 1 ½ inches long. The second bulge is  ½ inch below the first. It has a total length of  1 ¾ inches.

 It has a softer type of silicone for it’s pull ring.  The ring is 1 inch  across.  It also has the ball which is  ½ inch  in diameter which serves as a perineum stimulator.  The ball sits 2 inches off of the main body of the toy.   The perineum stimulator does add to the whole experience and since it is firm it adds more stimulation than that of the softer types.

The lux comes with a product information page and booklet.  In the booklet is states not to boil the stimulator or place it in the dishwasher as it will void the one year warranty that it comes with.  It is cleanable with antibacterial soaps and water, or toy sprays.  The product information also states to not use any bleach containing solutions on the stimulator.  They state that it can ruin the finish.  Use only water based lubricants.  Avoid heat sources and store the Lux stimulator away from other toys so the finish isn’t compromised.

I was quite impressed with the huge amount of information included in the product information booklet.  There are actually diagrams and suggestions for insertion positions.  Care and maintenance, and warranty  information.

The Lux stimulator comes in a black elegant looking cigar box like your higher end cigars come in.  You break the seal to open the box and inside the toy is nestled in a foam cutout.  You receive a product information page and booklet.

My husband is fairly new to the world of prostate play and he has found that he really enjoys it.  He has used the softer type of silicone prostate stimulators and tells me that the external ball perineum stimulator  is more pleasurable in the hard form as the lux has.  He needed some extra time with insertion of the firmer lux and the stiffness took some getting used to when moving around.  Over all the Lux stimulator rates high on the list but the firmness is an issue.

We  would rate the Lux at a 4 out of 5.  The company did a wonderful job with the packaging and the product information.

product picture
Prostate massager by BMS Enterprises
Material: Silicone

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