Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Extase Elegance

Extase Elegance

I am still not too sure about this one.  I like it but I don’t love it.  It has dual motors, it’s splash proof and rechargeable.  It has the coolest packaging but, the vibe really doesn’t do that much for me.


Dual Motors


Hesitations with changing Patterns
Not as quiet as I would like


It is a vaginal vibrator with a very slight curve to it that could be used by some for g-spot stimulation.  I wouldn’t suggest using it anally as there is no flared based and it may go missing.  It doesn’t perform real well as an external massager.


It is made from silicone, rates a 10 on the Eden Safety scale.  Hypoallergenic, non porous.  It is latex and phthalates free.  There is no smell or taste to this vibe.  It is a softer velvety type of silicone that really doesn’t collect too much lint or hair. This toy is very firm, it is actually a layer of silicone over plastic.  It has no flexibility.  It comes in several colors, purple, pink and the black that I chose.  It does have quite a bit of drag.  I use water based lube with it.  It does have the slight grooves into the insertable end but they really cannot be felt with use.


The elegance is a total of 9 inches, 6 inches being insertable.  It has the slight curve to it with the grooves that are etched into it, the grooves are approximately  1/16th of an inch.  The diameter is  1 ½ inch at it’s largest.  The shaft has a diameter of  1 ¼ inch.  The control panel is located on the non insertable end and take up a  3 ¼  inch by   1 3/4  inch area.  There is a seam around the control panel which could be an issue for some and with cleaning.


It has dual motors. The motors seem to be located on the back upper portion of the toy and the front of the insertable end.   On the control panel at the end there are + and - buttons that  turn the toy on and off.  There is also up arrows and down arrows present that take you through the patterns.  The basic vibration goes from a 2 to a level 4 on the vroom scale.  It is slightly buzzy and a little rumbly.  You just press and hold the  + button to increase the vibrations there really isn’t a push, push, push type of action so I can’t really tell you how many levels there are.

There are 5 different patterns.  The first is a steady pulsation with the insertable motor.  The next is both motors pulsing together, then you move onto a more intense pulsing, a pulsing back and forth between motors, and another type of a back and forth pulsing.  It is really hard to explain these.  You us the arrow buttons to cycle through the pulsation patterns and the down button takes you back to where you were at.  I did notice with a few of the patterns that there was some hesitation with the patterns.

The control panel stays lit up when the toy is on.  It is actually a quiet type of toy, not as quiet as the Jopens but barely heard over the covers.

The elegance  is rechargeable with a USB port in your computer or use the adaptor to charge in a wall socket.  To charge the toy there is a waterproof cap over the charging port.  It really isn’t waterproof just splash proof.  The control panel lights up when it is charging.  It takes approximately 3 hours for it’s initial charge and  then it runs for approximately 3 hours on it’s highest setting.  When the battery dies the toy with  suddenly stop working.  The control panel does give off  a red glow when it is about to die but this is only for one minute.  DO not use the toy when it is charging.  And the product info booklet warns to not charge for more than 24 hours.  The elegance also has a locking feature for travel, push down the up and down arrows at the same time for  5 seconds.  It unlocks in the same manner.
Care and Maintenance

The elegance washes up with anti bacterial soap and water, Toy sprays or Eden wipes.  The grooves aren’t hard to clean and you don’t actually have to use a brush you can use your finger tips.  I only use water based lubes as to not harm the surface of the toy.  I keep the elegance in a wonderful pouch that was provided with the toy.  I keep all of my silicone away from other toys and each other as it is thought that you can damage the finish this way too.


The Elegance has got the greatest packaging.  There is an outer cover that slips off to reveal the toy in a foam area that holds it and it has a bottom drawer that contains the product info, the charger, and a really nice suede like pouch to keep the toy in.

I would say that since it has a locking mechanism you could travel with this one but TSA will definitely know what it is.  I am so cocky that I really don’t care if they know what is it and what I use it for.  I would just smile and wink!!

I would only rate this one a 3 out of a 5 scale.  It is a great toy but it just didn't do that much for me.

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