Monday, June 17, 2013

Another Mishap, The Piercing

Prince Albert

Stories from the ER. This one is  more of a piercing mishap.  With my years in the ER I have seen some wild things.  Things you wouldn't believe, but yet they are so off the wall that there is no way that I could have made them up.

On one particular day I had a male somewhere in his 20's that came to the Emergency Department because he was having problems urinating.  Nurses tend to jump on this one pretty fast because being unable to pee is very painful and we can easily fix that one with a Foley catheter.

This young man of course, didn't tell us the whole story.  Yes, it had been hours since he had last urinated.  So me, the nice nurse that I am, tell the doctor that I need to get an order to place a catheter in this poor soul.  Order obtained, off to get the Foley catheter kit.  Into the room, explain to the patient what I am going to do and then I pull back the patient's gown.

Well.  Sir, how long have you had that piercing in?  Oh, a couple of hours.  So have you been able to pee since you had the piercing placed?  No.  OK. So why don't we take the piercing out.  So I got this poor guy a cup to place his new prince Albert ring into.  Guess what?  He was then able to pee.

He had a very large ring pierced through the tip of his penis and coming out the underside of the head of the penis.  This ring had a large diameter I could say a 2 or a 4 gauge for those who are familiar with gauges.  I honestly  don't know how they were able to use that large of a gauge for his piercing and I don't recall if this was a first time penis piercing.

This one occurred a long time ago in a large Urban Emergency Department. If this resembles an experience you had, it probably isn't you.  This has occurred more than once for me and I am sure that other nurses can tell the same story.

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Unknown said...

That thing is huge in that image. I could imagine that it would be difficult to urinate with one in. Thanks for sharing.