Monday, June 3, 2013

TMI What's in your Fridge or Freezer?

What’s in your refrigerator (and freezer)?  Not too much at this time,  Leaving for vacation this weekend.  I have black berries, raspberries, and strawberries.  Left over homemade chicken dumpling soup.  Left over pork roast.  Coffee creamers, several different flavors.   Assorted stuff and eggs!

1. Anything alcoholic? beer, wine, bottle of champagne?  There is a bottle of white Zin and beer.

2. Any guilty pleasures? Anything chocolate? Any ice cream?  Of course there is peach cobbler ice cream I couldn't resist today.  There is this awesome Philadelphia cream cheese chocolate stuff that goes great with the berries.

3. Any really old bottles of condiments?   Yes,  Don't go there I am married to the condiment King.
4. Frozen pizza? Other frozen quick dinners? Not really, frozen pretzels.  We usually cook, I will buy my boys hot pockets every once in a while.

5. Anything actually rotten or moldy?  Yes, me and my cheese.  I have to throw out the night before garbage day!  Oh and I just found some peperoni slices that look questionable.

6. What do you have in your fridge that the rest of us probably
don’t?  I have venison (deer meat) in the freezer.  Fresh Brussels Sprouts?

Bonus:  In the novel Portnoy’s Complaint by Philip Roth, the main character, Alexander Portnoy, masturbates using a liver steak as well as a cored-out apple. Have you ever masturbated with food? What?

Actually, I cannot say that I have.  That just never interested me.

Bonus, bonus:  We’re curious, how many phallic shaped foods are in your refrigerator?  cucumbers.

Now we did have this thing of eating deserts off of each other that was a whole lot of fun.  The usual, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, caramel.

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Chastity Darling said...

Ohhh send some of that venison my way!!! I have been craving some Bambi lately with no way to get it at the moment :(

Anonymous said...

Safe travels!!