Saturday, June 1, 2013

Honour Clothing

Risqué With Honour
I have recently been playing on twitter and the internet and I have come across the neatest store located in the United Kingdom.   Honour

While they are located in the United Kingdom they do ship World Wide.  Thank goodness that we now have the Internet and the ability to buy from stores and sites all over the world.

Honour's site displays a large selection of  clothing like catsuits and dresses in latex rubber, PVC, leatherette, leather and lycra.  They also have entire section on care of your specialty clothing.  It is nice to see the education included with the sales.

They have Latex rubber,  molded rubber and Skin two clothing.  The selection includes  clothing  for both males and females to include accessories to compliment your outfit and individualize your style. They have base garments such as bra's, underwear  garters. They also sell products for and highlight the care  of the Latex  with links to each of the products.  They make it easy for beginner's to purchase and learn about care of the latex and rubber.

Honour has actually  been manufacturing their  own latex rubber clothing since 1992 and they  have a specialist knowledge of the material.   They have an easy to read sizing chart that is spelled out in US, UK  and European sizes.

You are also able to return your clothing purchase if you find that the size doesn't work for you.

They have several of their own lines of clothing such as the Pin Up and Risque.  Very sexy styles to compliment all of  our shapes and sizes.    They even have plus sizes available.

Check out the great selection of Latex at Honour

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