Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Memories ~ Wicked Wednesday


I am somewhat playing this one like the post that I did for the Radio Post.

Isn't is wild how a song can bring us back to that time and place and we find our selves pondering on the good and the bad memories.

I had a particularly bad break up and Alanis Morissette  really helped me through it.

Back in the 80's with MTV on and getting ready to go out.

Isn't is wild how our minds categorize things and memories have associated images.  When you are cleaning out your closet and you come across that particular dress.  The memories come flooding back of the great evening you had and how that dress ended up crumpled on the floor.  Or, when you are driving and you see that old car and you remember a night in the back of  a similar old car.

Seriously it was in the back of a car just like this one that my boy friend found my clitoris and I found out that I liked it.

When I  went to parties that I shouldn't have been at and I was trying things that  messed with my head!

The parties, the lover's, the concerts, the marriage, the vacations,  the good and the bad.  Those memories and all associated with them are what make me, me!  Thanks for the great prompt.

Here's another great break up song that I have lots of memories to.

Some 80's  music that evoke some fun memories.

Dang, just the memories of men with Hair!!!
See who else has memories to share.....

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...


Mia said...

This is fabulous and boy do I remember all of those things, especially the music!!!

~Mia~ xx

Becky Whee said...

Now, I'm only 24, which means I was born in 88. I know all of these songs. LOL I love the 80's music. Thanks for sharing these memories.

Lord Raven said...

Ok I want to know how you found anything in the back seat of that car...lol Mine was a 66 mustang and that was mission imposable because if was a stick shift. Yes there are so many things that trigger memories but each one has a special place in our life, good or bad. Thanks for this blast to the past I miss the hair band...lol

Kazi G said...

I have many memories associated with Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2 U"... that was the year Bis and I separated and eventually divorced. So many life events are tied to the music of the time...

~Kazi xxx

Silverdrop said...

So many of SilverHubby's memories are associated with music, too.

Marie Rebelle said...

It sometimes happens to me that I hear a song and I can still recall my feelings when I heard it the first time. So many of my memories is connected to a song. Thanks for this trip down memory lane :)

Rebel xox

dedi said...

thanks for sharing. Some of it is universal: the music for example. Other things are very specific: cars don't play any role in my memories, being Dutch. I have memories of biking with boys and their scooters :)

Molly said...

A song that really ignites a powerful memory in me is If I had A Million Dollars by Bare Naked Ladies... the moment it comes on I am back in a hot sultry Philadelphia watching them live on stage with Sir by my side...such a precious memory


John D Stories said...

Round Round, Sugababes.

My (now wife) companion at a 21st birthday teased me relentlessly when I admitted I had bought it and so I dragged her up to the dancefloor to dance to it when the club played it ten minutes later.

And then six weeks later she started going out with me. :)

Brigit Delaney said...

You are very correct. Music is a huge keeper of memories. The right song and whole moments come back, drenched in feelings.

And yes...these songs I remember well.