Monday, June 17, 2013

The Tantric Remote Control

 from California Exotics

This one is fun!  I am very impressed with the range that the remote control has.  It makes for some fun foreplay.  I was actually able to use the remote through walls and I was able to go as far as 20 feet with an unobstructed path.

The tantric remote control was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  This is part of the California Exotics Novelties Sexpert program.  This is in accordance with FTC guidelines.

The trantric remote control system consists of the remote control that fits easily into the palm of your hand.  It has scroll work and a purple background color.  The raised heart shape is the push button that controls the vibrations of the bean portion.

The  bean shaped piece that fits nicely into the females underwear is made of a plastic that has a velvety feel  to it.  It has no drag to it and glides across your skin nicely.  It has a curve to it so that it snuggles up to your external labia and clitoris area.  But, it  doesn't have any projections or bumps for the clitoris. It is completely smooth.
Both the remote and bean shaped portion are made from an ABS plastic that is non porous, latex and phthaltes free.  There is no smells or tastes associate with the system.

The remote control is 2  1/2 inches by  1  1/4 inches and has a thickness of   3/4  inch.   It runs on one  12 V battery that is included with the tantric.

The bean shaped piece is 3  1/4 inches by  2  inches.  It has a total thickness of  1 inch.  It is thick.  It holds 2 AAA batteries for power.  The battery cover slides off to insert the batteries.  There is not any waterproofing to this toy and the shape doesn't lend to insertion.  It is not meant to go there.

The tantric remote set has a total of 10 vibration settings.  To turn it on  you press and hold the heart shaped button for 2 to 3 seconds, you turn it off in the same manner.   It has a high, medium and low vibration, there are fast pulsations, slower pulsations, fast throbs and very fast throbs.  There are long slow pulses an escalation of pulsations and a chaotic mix of pulses and throbs.  I would say on the highest settings the vibrations could rate a 2  out of 5.  It is very quiet and couldn't be heard over the sheets or through a pair of underwear and pants.

You can easily wear this one in public and have your lover  10 feet away controling the vibrations.  To clean the bean shape you can use a wet wash cloth with antibacterial soaps and water, toy sprays or wipes.  Be careful as it is not waterproofed.  You can use any type of lubes with the ABS plastic.

The packaging is not discreet, it shows the toy through the clear plastic and I has product information all over the package.  The toy itself is  discreet because it doesn't look like a sex toy at all.

For someone interested in a couples toy who doesn't want to put out a lot of cash, this is a fair option. It would be more for a beginner couple beginning  their journey of using sex toys.  I found that the bean was a little thicker than what I would want to wear for any extended period of time.  It was comfortable enough, just too thick.  I was very impressed with the range in which the remote works and the vibrations are weak for me, it may be better suited to a female who has a sensitive clitoris.

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