Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Flash

Orgasms in a Flash

Flash USB Powered Clitoral Vibe

This one rocks!  I had wanted this one since it was released and the great people over at  Lovehoney sent it to me for review!  It was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review, This is in accordance with FTC guidelines.

I love it, I  love it, I love it.  There are lots of Pro's but no con's.  I cannot believe how powerful and how nice this one feels.  For the price you cannot go wrong.  It has the soft flexible silicone tip that I use on my clitoris and it can be used all over your lover's  body  and on your  own erogenous zone.  It works for nipple stimulation, perianal stimulation and on your lover's scrotal sac too!  It is great for pinpoint stimulation.

It is made from a premium silicone that  is soft and velvety, it is completely smooth with no textures.  It does have a slight drag to it but not much.  It will collect some lint and hair.  The silicone has no no smell or tastes associated with it.  It is latex and phthalates free.  The silicone portion as well as the plastic portion that is the charging end are both hypoallergenic, and non porous.

It is a total of 5  inches.  The flash comes apart into 2 pieces.  The silicone portion  is  2  1/2  inches long and has flexibility to the tip portion that is 1 inch long.   The charging and control portion is plastic with the metal appearing band.  That portion is 2 1/2  inches long.  It has a total diameter of 1/2  inches.   It fits comfortably in your hand somewhat like a marker.

It charges via USB port on your computer.  It is completely water proofed with an O ring present around the charging area.  It is so discreet that I even showed it to my mother and she was shocked that it was a sex toy.

 The charging port area has one button present to control the vibrations.   It is a push button that is easy to depress but not so easy that you inadvertently hit it with use.  The button lights up when it is charging and glows a red color when the battery is dying.   The flash charges for approximately 2 hours to give you 3 hours worth of use time.

The flash has 7 settings.  3 vibration settings,  low, medium and high and 4 patterns.  The highest level of  vibrations can easily be rated a  4 out of 5.  They seem to be more on the buzzy side but very satisfying   This one is incredibly quiet, it can barely be heard at all.  Definitely not over the covers on it's highest setting.
In the pictures is looks as if mine has not been cleaned.  That is so not  true.  There seems to be a small area towards the silicone tip that has some glue on the silicone.  I have to work harder to get that off.  It is easy to clean with some antibacterial soap and water, toy sprays or wipes.  The vibe can be wiped down with a 10% bleach solution for sterilization.

The Flash is very discreet.  I love that I can charge it on my lap top and it looks more like some type of data storage device or a writing implement.  It comes in a white box with a picture of the flash on it and product information.  There are no special storage requirements for the flash.  I keep it on my nightstand.

The Flash compares to some of my expensive clitoral vibes and I can easily say that I like it better than the high end plastic type of clitoral vibes that I own.  I would definitely purchase this one and suggest that every one pick up one for themselves.

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Meet the new Flash USB Rechargeable Mini Vibrator from Lovehoney!

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is it as strong or stronger than mia 2?