Tuesday, June 25, 2013

TMI ~Sex Ed~

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions were inspired by Sex-Ed writer Jon Pressick and his #dailysexdiscussion that happens on twitter.

1. Have you ever investigated having an open relationship?
  I have only recently even started thinking about it.  Over the past several years who have met several couples  who are into swinging  and I have very close friend is in an open marriage.  I am thinking that with my husbands health issues that this may be a possibility for me.
- Have you tried to have an open relationship? Not at this time.

2. Do you have any sexual phobias?   I have some phobia's related to BDSM but I am finding that the more I explore the more that I am not afraid of.
- What have you done to manage or overcome them?  Just by exploring with an open mind.

3. What is the best new sexual activity you have tried in 2013?  Oh this one is tough, I would probably say my husbands anal play, we have definitely worked on that one.

4. Have you ever called into a sex advice radio/television show or written to a sex advice columnist? nope, can't say that I have.
- Was it helpful? Not applicable

5. Would you use the services of a sex therapist? Why or why not?     No, have never had the need to.

6. Should sex therapists be allowed to engage in actual sexual activities with clients? Why or why not?  This is a really hard question, at some point it would become better for the person's seeking help but the trust would have to be there and that really pushes a line as far as therapy would be concerned.  I wonder how a therapist could be in the room with clients and not get horny.

I highly recommend watching the movie “The Sessions” based on a true story of how a sex therapist helped a disabled man live a full, rich life that included sex. Movie trailer:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1866249/

Bonus:  Have you read any adult sex ed books lately? What do you recommend?  I have some books coming but I haven't read any at this time.  
I have read several rope work books, and practiced with them if that counts.

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