Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Electrical Play

Kink of the Week  

I honestly don't have much experience with electric play.  I do have a Jopen Intensity  that has electrode pads on it and when I use it the electrical pulses cause my pelvic muscles to contract.  I have found that I do really like that toy.
Welcome to the ElectraStim Store

With this little bit of play with the low voltage electricity, I have decided that I do want to get into electrical play.  It has made it's way to my to do list. I have been stalking the E-stim sites and checking out the products and reading the reviews.

So my stories will be coming.



Lord Raven said...

I wish you great fun in this journey. As anything else in our lifestyle the best source of information is with the already players. Plus there is the advantage of getting to watch or even experience the items they use.

Jade said...

As an electricity almost-virgin, I can't wait to read of your experiences! Maybe that will help me get over my fear of electrical play.

Kazi G said...

Enjoy! My forays in this area have been quite stimulating ;)

~Kazi xxx

spacebunnykink said...

Hope you have tons of fun with what you find out there. Electroplay is one of my top if not my top favorite type of play and there just isn't anything like it. But having a good teacher or working by yourself so you can trust not to get a bad zapping by some idiot is definitely the best way to approach things. Enjoy the journey. If you have any electroplay questions, my other half Badkittyerotica.org is an electroplay teacher :)

Molly said...

Sounds like you have a whole new wonderful kink to explore


Marie Rebelle said...

I look forward to reading more about your experiences with e-stim.

Rebel xox