Monday, June 24, 2013

Sin City Stripping By John Satisfy

This is a short story, only 38 pages.  In that 38 pages John Satisfy gives us basically 28 pages of jammed packed sex!  You have a wife, Jessie,  who want's to give her husband, Ryan something really special for his birthday. 

 That special something turns out to be his two best friends and him flying off to Vegas for a get away.  But, the true surprise is his wife and her two best friends planning a special "show" for the guys.   The girls primp and make themselves look like true Vegas Strippers showing up at the guys hotel room, they proceed to give them the show of their life.

As true with any stripper show, you can look and the girls can touch you but you may not touch!  One poor sap learned this early on and he was made to pay in true BDSM style.

From licking and sucking to all kinds of Fucking this book doesn't disappoint.  It is any guys fantasy.  You know how with some books, you feel the need to skim over the "dry" parts, well, with this book there are no dry spots to skim over.  

I would definitely suggest this one.  Oh, and I do love his pen name, it is quiet fitting.

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