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Ox Balls

The Ox Balls Sport Fucker


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Can catch in pubic hairs

The Ox Balls Sport Fucker is a stretchy type of cock ring that not only encircles the shaft of the penis but it also goes around the scrotal sack.  These two things are important for trying to prolong erections and delaying orgasms for the guys.

You place the sport fucker on an erect penis so that it holds the blood in the shaft of the penis.  The action of the ring that encircles the scrotum it to prevent the “sucking up” action that occurs with the testicles right before  a man ejaculates.  These two actions in combination will help to increase the time that a man has his erection and thus increase the time that you can have intercourse.  It’s a win, win situation.

I have found with the Ox Balls sport fucker that the combination of the ring around the shaft and the scrotum actually does work better than just using a cock ring.

The Ox Balls Sport Fucker is make from a TPR Blend.  The TPR blend is a polymer that  has thermoplastic character, it is hypoallergenic, non toxic and phthalates free. It is porous so if you are sharing the toy between partners or using it anally it is suggested to use it with a condom. There is no smells or tastes to it.  The Sport Fucker comes in a variety of colors. It is very stretchy and it can stretch to 4 times it’s size.  It does have a sticky type of feel to it and it does collect a lot of lint and hair.

I really don’t see the sport fucker lasting a long time and it has the potential to tear, I don’t mind this aspect because it does work so well, it is somewhat inexpensive and I will definitely pick up more as back ups.  It works that well.

The sport fucker inner ring is 1  inch unstretched, the ring that stands up is  2 inches high.  The ring itself is 5/8th of an inch thick.  Because of it’s design it will not stick to itself.  It does stretch so much that I can put it over the top of the can.  I can also get it around my wrist.  It will work with a wide range of men.

The sport fucker cleans up easily with antibacterial soaps and water, or toy sprays.  You cannot boil this one as it will melt.  It can meld with your other toys so I keep mine in a plastic baggy.

I only use water based or hybrid  SPUNK lube with my sport fucker as silicone lubes can damage the material.

My husband has been using and trying out several different types of cock rings and we both agree that the sport fucker with the scrotal band works much better than using just a plain cock ring.  I know that it is not the best material but I think that it is much more flexible than it would be if it were made from silicone.  There is a learning curve with getting this thing on and after the 3rd time I pretty much figured out the trick.  I use two hands and stretch out the main portion with the stand up portion  to encircle his balls and penis then I place the band around the top  of the scrotal sac  ever so gently!!

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