Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sexy Words and Phrases

Sexy Words and Phrases From A to Z

A  is for Anal and Aslan Leather products!

B  is for Boobies and Balls

C  is for  Creaming myself

D  is for Doggie Style, my favorite!

E  is for Ecstasy and Erupting

F  is for Floggers and Fells good

G is for Glorious after Glow

H  is for Hot and Horny

I  is for Inside of me

J  is for Jumping on it

K  is for that Kiss

L  is for Love and Lust

M  is for Moans from my Mouth

N   is for  Naughty and  trying New things

O   is for the Orgasms

P   is for the Prostate Play that makes him Purr

Q is for the Quietness that follows or the Quickies!

R is for the Relief and Release

S  is for the Sensations all over my body

T is for the Toys and the Thrusting actions

U is for Undress me and Under you

V is for the Vagina

W is for the Wet spot that grows Wider

X is for the X rated actions in my room

Y is for the Yearning, and Yes, Yes, Yes!

Z is for the  Zest at which we play and Zooming through the positions.

Come Play along.. Becks and her Kinks

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