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Masque Strips


Flavor Options
Dissolves easily
Makes Oral more pleasurable for giver
Actually Works!

Hard to open packages
Mint  initially taste
No Combination packaging

This is a great new product that has been developed by scientists and flavor experts.  It has taken 3 years of research and development and they have made a great product that actually blocks your taste buds from salts, bitters and proteins.


Because some girls, and guys don’t like the taste of a man’s “stuff”  or a woman’s secretions.  Yes, this product can be used before oral on a woman too.  Masque actually hired researchers to find out our preferences and they found that “54% of couples have some form of oral sex less than once a week although, almost all wished that it occurred more often”.  (I tend to agree with that.)  It was found that taste was an issue with giving oral sex.  So this is a product for everybody!

The Masque flavor strips come in Chocolate, Mango, Watermelon and Strawberry.  Masque is currently developing other flavors.   Ingredients include: Natural taste-masking agents, natural and artificial flavors, starches, gelatin, gum Arabic, Sucralose, Pullulan, Glycerin, Polysorbate 80, FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Blue 1.  I was also told by the Masque Representative that the Chocolate flavor contains powder from Ghirardelli chocolate.  Be sure that you don’t have any sensitivities to any of the ingredients before use.

Using the Masque strips is different than using mints or candies when performing oral.  The masque actually blocks your taste buds from tasting the flavors, candies or mint’s mix with the flavor of the “stuff” and can make it taste worse. Not to mention chocking on the candy or scratching your partner with pop rocks. ( I have prior knowledge).

 There may be issues for some females because of the Glycerin causing Urinary tract infections  or Yeast infections.  I honestly cannot speak to this as the strip is completely dissolved before use.  It shouldn’t be much different if your partner ate candy prior to cunninglius.

 They come in packages of 3. Each package only contains one flavor, I would like to see a package of assorted flavors so that you could try each one.  Each strip in individually packaged in a foil pack that you open when you plan on using it.  Don’t open the package and then not use it because it can dissolve in humid areas or dry out.  Instructions for use include allowing the strip to completely dissolve on your tongue prior to performing fellatio.

I received my Masque strips from a give away with Sex with Emily and I also received samples at a sex shop  Valentines day party.

The foil package is difficult to open, you have to find the end to separate it and pull it apart.  The watermelon  strip is very thin and is approximately one inch long and a half an inch across, it is green in color.  It takes less than  a minute for the strip to dissolve completely.  It does turn your tongue green.

Initially when I placed the strip in my mouth I had a more minty type of taste and then I had the watermelon taste.  It is weird to have a watermelon taste with out the juice and coolness.  I actually ate a potato chip after the strip dissolved and it does change the flavor and I actually licked some salt and I could not taste the salt.

 So then we went for some action.  My husband was very happy to be involved as a test subject.  It does make his “stuff” taste better, I tasted watermelon and not the normal “stuff” taste.  The flavor actually lasted for  approximately 25 minutes for me.  According to the Masque Web site, The flavor should last at least 15 minutes for most and may last longer.

I am actually really impressed with these strips.  The mint is a turn off for me but it is explained that the mint help to block the sinus tract from the tastes.  This makes sense to me but I am not a mint type of person, luckily that  mint didn’t last long before the good watermelon flavor took over.  The strips actually do have a breath freshening type of action also.

So after my initial use of the Watermelon, I moved on to the Chocolate and oh my goodness, the Chocolate rocks if you are a person who is into your chocolates.  It again has the minty taste.  This does subside and you can enjoy the chocolate taste.  I think that we could actually use these as a diet aid because you get the great taste and flavor without the calories!  Plus imagine the fun for your partner to help in your weight loss efforts.  The chocolate flavor seemed to last closer to 30 minutes for me.  Again, I tried some salt and I was not able to taste it.  I was able to taste more chocolate and sweet but not the salt aspect.

I will definitely purchase these.  The cost is a little more than what I would like to pay for a one time use product.  I would love to see a multi pack with all the flavors.  The mint is not my favorite but it does dissipate.  This is more of a preference type of thing that would be the same as someone liking one flavor over another.

  I would say that I can give these a 4.5 out of 5 rating, the cost  is a factor and the difficulty of opening the package are contributing.  When you are in the mood you don’t want to sit and struggle with packaging.

Now the strips can go in your purse or pocket with your condoms as part of your night out arsenal.

The strips are available at  and several online retailers and you may even find them at some of your  local retailers.

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Really nice review;) a lot of details , good and bad:) very objective opinion. I've tried the strawberry strips from Masque and it tastes like real fruits, really nice. I'm really happy that it has been made for people who wants to enjoy their sex life without limits:) xxx