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Sybil Sutera Elite

The  Elite Power Sybil From Sutera


Turns off when there is not in use
Rumbly vibrations
Easy to use controls
Light to let you it is on
Flexible Clitoral arm
G-Spot toy


Seam where silicone meets Plastic may be an issue with cleaning

*** The Sybil was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review, according to FTC guidelines***

Oh my, this one has a completely new feature,  It is touch sensitive.  This means that if you remove it from your body or take your hand off of it, the Sybil  will  turn off.  It also means that if you put it under running water to wash it, it turns on and scares the crap out of you!

So of course I got this great looking vibe and I charge it up, ready to go play with it and I turn it on, nothing.. So I hit the buttons some more, I plug it back in and then I finally look at the instructions.  It does what?  Oh cool!  I place my hands around the shaft and turn it on again.  Vroom! Rumbly vibrations. Take your hand off of it, Sybil turns off.  Power saving options on my Vibe.

To my knowledge there are no others that do this.  There are actually 5 touch sensors located in the vibe, one on the clitoral arm, and 4 in the shaft. The Sybil is powerful, it is rechargeable, and waterproof.  The Sybil does come with a one year warranty.

Sybil is silicone, a soft velvety type of silicone.  It does have some drag to it so use of water based lube may be needed.  The silicone has no odor and no taste to it. It comes in a fuchsia color.  The Silicone is non porous, hypoallergenic, latex and phthalates free.

The Sybil is a total of  9 ½  inches long.  The insertable area being 5 1/4 inches.  The diameter approximately 1 5/8th inches  at it’s greatest.   The shaft and handle portion of the Sybil is very firm there is no give to it. The tip of the Sybil and  the two  bumps that are present on the shaft are soft and squishy.  These do rub up on my G- spot area and add extra stimulation.

 The Clitoral arm which is 2 ½  inches long and it is very flexible, you can bend it back all the way to the shaft.  The clitoral arm has a greatest diameter of  approximately 1 ¼  inches.  The clitoral arm is flexible with insertion the arm actually slides up and onto my clitoral area.  I can go side to side with it and hit all the areas of the clitoris.  The shape is more towards an oval which gives the right amount of surface area for me to have intense sensations.

The controls are located inside of a plastic oval area.  There is an  on and off button and a lower button that controls the patterns.  There is a small light that glows a purple color that lights up when the toy is on.  This is important since the toy doesn’t vibrate unless you have contact and pressure.

The Sybil has 7 different functions. Since there are the 4 sensors in the shaft area, as all of them are activated the vibrations intensify.  The 5th motor is located in the clitoral arm.  You have vibrations, pulsations, longer pulsations, a mix of pulsations that are three short and two long, fast pulsations with a long  pulse,  and a chaotic mix. You have no idea what it looks like trying to get the vibrations on to the computer, since the Sybil only works with pressure I have it up to my face and the clitoral arm by my nose.  The vibrations actually made my teeth click.  (That goodness no one was around to witness this!)

The vibrations I can easily say are a 4 out of 5, they are not salsa or Hitachi level but they are only one step down.  The dual motors one in the shaft and one in the clitoral arm are both strong and  rumbly.  The Sybil is very quiet, it cannot be heard over the covers and with insertion you can barely hear it at all.

The Sybil is rechargeable with the port being on the end that the controls are located.  The push in style connector will charge for 90 minutes on it’s first use.  The vibrator will run for a full 90 minutes on that initial charge.  There is a red light that glows when it is charging.

The only drawback that I found to the Sybil is that with cleaning there is the seam at the oval plastic area where the controls are located, as I turn the clitoral arm back and forth this seam tends to open up more and secretions can get in this area.  You have to be sure to pay close attention to this area.  You can wash Sybil up with antibacterial soaps and water, toy cleansers such as the foaming cleanser from Sutera, toy wipes.  You can wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution.

I store my Sybil in the box that it comes in but lately it’s been living on my nightstand. It has risen high on my list of toys that I like to use.  You can also store it in a plastic baggy.  You can store pure silicone toys together but if they aren’t pure silicone you can compromise the finish on the toys.

The Sybil really does have some powerful vibrations and it really does please me.  The technology is great with the touch sensors if the vibrations seem to be too strong you can simply back the toy out a little bit and they will decrease.  It hits my anatomy just right.  I would definitely suggest this one!

The Sutera Sybil is available at Lovers Package

Thanks to Lovers Package for sending me this wonderful toy to review.

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