Sunday, October 28, 2012


I have been using the Uma from Je Joue for months now and she is my absolute favorite.  She has never been put away, she actually lives on my night stand.  She is the one that I grab when the other toys fail in producing an orgasm for me.  She really isn’t that big, but  she can definitely pack a punch.  She is rechargeable and keeps her charge for a long time.

Velvety Coating


Uma is a rumbling vibe, only in the sense of her vibe power, she is quiet and powerful, sleek and sexy.  She has become one of my best friends.   She is great for clitoral stimulation and then she also goes diving for my g- spot.  I know she wasn’t meant to be double sided but when my husband inserted the end with the controls, I did not complain.   She does three somes, she likes to  play with my husbands scrotal sac, especially the underside. He agrees she is a great partner for play. I would be careful trying to use her for anal play, as she has no real flared base.

Uma is made of a matte finish silicone, She doesn’t have any textures, just smooth.  She is food grade, hypoallergenic, latex and phthalates free.  Uma does have some drag due to the matte finish so just a touch of water based lube takes care of it.  Please don’t use any silicone lubes on her as it can hurt her finish.   Uma doesn’t come with any odors.  She comes in a choice of purple, pink and lavender.

Uma is 7 inches long with 4 inches insertable. She is somewhat thin with a diameter of  1 ¼ inch.  Her control area is  2 inches wide  and basically 3 inches long.  On her bottom is  her  + / ~ / -  buttons.  The plus and minus buttons are raised but the  middle ~ button is level with her and has to be depressed to change her vibe patterns.  These buttons can be tricky at times.  You press the  + button to turn her on and to increase the intensity of the vibrations and you press the - button to turn down the vibrations and to turn her off.

She has 5 intensity levels and 7 patterns.  Uma is very quiet and she can’t be heard  from under the sheets.

Her patterns include:
1. Constant vibration
2. Constant Pulsing
3. Roller Coaster  J
4. Short pulsations
5. Medium intensity pulsations
6. Fast high pulsations
7. Long pulsations, stop and then restart.  ( kind of the wham stop wham version)

Uma cleans up easily with antibacterial soap and water, and toy sprays.  She is easy to clean since she is so smooth.  She is completely waterproof. You can use her anywhere.  Do not boil her or put her in the dishwasher as this may injure her internal workings.  I wouldn’t suggest submerging her in any cleaning solutions as soaking may hurt her finish.  I really haven’t had any issues wit her collect lint and hair as would be expected with silicone.

Uma is rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about any battery issues such as running out of batteries or filling up land fills.  She comes with a 54 inch long magnetic charging cable.  You simply put the charging piece up to her and she grabs onto it.  She takes approximately 2 hours to charge and she does for hours.  She doesn’t have any loss of power with usage.  When she is charging she has a light that flashes and when she is fully charged her light stays constant.  The light goes away after you disconnect the power cord.  The Je Joue power cables are all the same and you can use one to charge all of your toys.

Uma actually hasn’t made it to the drawer yet.  She has been living under my pillow, on the bathroom counter on her drying towel and on my nightstand.

She isn’t really discrete for traveling but I like her so much, Screw TSA if they know what she is for.

Uma comes elegantly dressed in a black box.  There is an outer sleeve to her black box that states “stimulate MORE”.  They didn’t lie with that marketing!  The black box contains Uma, her charging cable and an owners manual.

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