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Peek A Boo Baby Doll and G String

Peek a Boo Baby Doll by Rene Rofe


Great Construction, no flaws
Looks Great
Size appropriate


I have to tell you that I am so impressed with the entire Rene Rofe line.  I currently own 2 pairs of the crotchless panties , the peek a boo bra and panty set and now this set.  They are inexpensive and have great construction.  I have no complaints.  They hold up well even when worn during intercourse and the husband approves.  He says that they look great and it is Hot to have the crotchless wear for play!!!  It is also a great piece to hide the imperfections and flaws of the "pouch".

I ordered the peek a boo baby doll in M/L size.  I wear a size 10 pants, size 10 dress.  Bust size is 36 to 38. Cup size C or D, I wear a medium or size 6 mainstream panty.    This baby doll fits perfectly.  There is no over hang on the sides of the breast cups.  Now there is no under wire in the baby doll but where the  seam is it does hold well, but not like an under wire.

The set is made from 90% polyester  and 10% spandex.  The set consists of lace and a mesh type material that is actually very soft and not scratchy at all.  The mesh is not totally see through, it is more like a filmy type of mesh.  In the picture you can see what it looks like up to sunlight.  The set is hand wash only in cold water.  It does wash up great with Woolite.  Hang to dry, no bleach and do not dry clean.

The G string

The g string is black with the mesh.  It has 3 pink bows present.  One on each side of the panty where it attaches to the waist and one pink bow above the crotchless opening.  It I sewn in and does not open up.  The waist is 14  inches  unstretched.  The fabric triangle that makes up the front of the g- string is  7 inches across the front of the waist band.  The sides are 9 ½ inches long to wear they attach to the string area.  The opening has 1 inch of fabric on each side for the crotchless area.  There is no panty liner as one is not needed since it is crotchless.  The back strap portion of the g string is 6 inches long.

The Baby Doll

The baby doll has adjustable straps  that are elastic with metal slides for adjustments. The cups are 6 inches attached to the baby doll portion and there is 4 ½ inches on each side.  The cups are split down the center with lace in the opening.

 There are pink bows at the top of each cup and ¾ of the way up the cup.  The cups do not open and the pink  bows are firmly attached with stitching.

From the band the baby doll hangs down 15 inches.  I am 5 foot 5 inches and it hangs just at my crotch.  The bottom edges are completely finished and it slightly ruffles.  All of the stitching is perfect with no construction issues.

The packaging is in a sleeve with pictures of the front and back of the product.  Care instructions are included.  Right out of the package this lingerie set also smelled good and clean with a soft scent to it.

This and other great pieces of Lingerie are available at Eden

product picture
Babydoll and panty set by Rene Rofe
Material: Nylon / Spandex

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