Sunday, June 30, 2013

Glasses~Sinful Sunday

Concentrating with My Glasses On.

Come see who else is being sinful

Sinful Sunday


Anonymous said...

Argh! I missed the memo and my picture doesn't involve my glasses at allllll! *weeps*

That this picture is way lovely. Love the glasses to bits and the look in your eyes!

Marie Rebelle said...

I too missed this idea for making pics with glasses.

Love the concentration in this one ;)

Rebel xox

Unknown said...

I missed the same memo!! Very sexy image :)

~Kazi xxx

Harper Eliot said...

MORE glasses?! Dom Signs is a very happy boy today, I'm sure.

I love the sultry look in your eyes; beautiful.

GrittyWoman said...

Someone is being truly spoiled this Sinful Sunday. :D Teehee. Sexy pic hunni xx

Molly said...

I beginning to see what he means about glasses... it really does make it all about the eyes!


Karen said...

This is the first picture of you face I have ever seen. This is a striking image, very sexy!

Unknown said...

I think Mr Signs has been well and truly spoilt!

Unknown said...

Great job with the glasses look.

Anonymous said...

Mysterious Lady showed up ;) Your look is very concentrated , it seems like you know what you're going to do...;)

Jade said... look like you are concentrating.

Unknown said...

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