Thursday, February 28, 2013


The G-Spot Lollipop    J-pop


G Spotting
Color Options
Easy to care for
Neat Design
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***The J pop was provided to me in exchange for an honest review, According to FTC’s guidelines***

Thanks to G Spot Lollipop for providing me with the J pop for review.

The J-pop is one of the G-Spot lollipop’s  line.  The J-pop is  an interesting toy.  You can use it for thrusting or rocking type of solo play or  for your Kegel exercises and more.  It is absolutely wonderful for G spotting actions.

The sensation while using the large ball inside your vagina resting on your g-spot and your vaginal walls closing around the  small girth of the steel is really wild.  I am a person that when I orgasm my vagina clamps down.  This is a wild and new sensation compared to that with a standard dildo or vibrator.  It is hard to explain but I do like the sensations.

The ball ends are firmly attached to a steel rod, I had tried to unscrew them but they do not budge. I was impressed to see that there is not any glue residue or screw marks at the insertion site into the balls.  The Steel portion of the J is also completely immovable, you won’t end up bending this one.  The result is a very firm toy that you can control easily.  I know that it sounds funny but the shape of the J-pop allows you to kind of have your own joystick for play.

 I found that I really liked to rock this toy by placing my hands on the ball that is not inserted to move the inside ball around.  You can also manipulate the rod to simulate a rolling type of action that too gives a different sensation.  I wouldn’t suggest using this type of toy with a partner as it is very firm and if they got to ambitious with thrusting types of actions you could have a bruised cervix.

The Shape is definitely different.  The J pop is a total of 10 inches long from the ball to the end of the curve on the long side.  The shorter side is a total of  7 inches long.  It is larger than I had expected.  The balls sit  6 ¼ inches across from each other.  They may be an issue for larger sized users.

 The balls are smooth and are made from Acrylic which is non porous, and hypo allergenic.  My balls are the 1 ¾ inch and 2 inch sizes.  You can order your Lollipops with balls from 1 ½ inch, 1 ¾ inch, 2 inch and 2 ½ inch combinations. They come in an assortment of colors, purple, orange, pink, green, mocha, and blue.

The entire toy can be cleaned up with antibacterial soaps and water, rubbing alcohol, toy sprays and wipes.  Storage may be an issue but since they are acrylic you can throw this one in your sock drawer without  worrying about lint and hair.  You can use any type of lubes with the steel and acrylic but I use a hybrid or water based with my toys.

The G spot lollipop’s have cool packaging that it just like a sucker with a clear cellophane that encases the balls and then the stem is tied with ribbon.  It is actually a pain to get the cellophane off.

I really like it.  When I have one end inserted I have a good 4 inch clearance from my belly button, as I said,  I have a joy stick for my toy!  This makes for great stimulation and rocking types of motions.  I am a medium sized female a size 8 to 10 and I do have a pouch from child bearing and the toy doesn’t cause any issues with the stomach area.

When performing Kegel type of exercises with this in place The outer ball will somewhat rock.  It is an odd sensation and the toy actually has some weight to it so I feel as if I am getting a good workout.  Now I am not a “squirter”, I am more of a  gusher and I do gush with using this one.

I cannot say that this is my favorite toy, but I can say that it is towards the top of the list,  The sensations are different from that of metal or glass.  I am able to have g- spot orgasms and it doesn't take a lot of time to achieve the objective with the J-pop.  I can easily suggest this one to other toy users, both beginners to advanced.

G Spot lollipops are available in several varieties,  They have a travel pop, a single pop,  a double pop and the J-pop.  You can choose your color and size options with all of their toys.

Thanks again to


K said...

I've noticed that the G-Spot Lollipop really polarizes people. You either really love it, or you want to kill it with fire. I guess it's the same for most toys, though. You love it or hate it.

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