Sunday, November 18, 2012



I think they look good from this view!

For someone who is not happy with their body right now, I actually think those saggy boobs look good from this view.

Sinful Sunday


Marie Rebelle said...

mmm that is a lovely picture of wetness ;)

Rebel xox

Molly said...

I don't think you have saggy boobs at all, they look beautiful full and round and you have wonderfully perky nipples.


Caleb said...

I agree with Molly. Those are beautiful breasts and those nipples are just begging to be nibbled ;)

Silverdrop said...

SH loves them and he's a boob man. Does that help? :)

Mia said...

There is nothing wrong with those lovely boobs, sexy and womanly!!

~Mia~ xx

Dee said...

I can almost see the water slowly sliding from them - how utterly arousing!

xx Dee

Unknown said...

I think they're gorgeous, and the water running down is a nice touch!! :)

~Kazi xxx

Naughty Tashamber said...

I am with everyone else on this and saying that they are beautiful and sexy. I too would love to suckle on those inviting nipples.

Penny said...

You have lovely breasts, and they gorgeous all wet :)

Yes, THAT Tonya said...

There is nothing wrong with your breasts, especially in the shower like that! A woman in, or fresh out of, the shower is one of the sexiest things in the world. :)

Molly said...

Just stopping by to let you know that you featured in my round-up this week.

If you have a twitter ID can you let me know so I can include you in the round-up tweets?